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Silverlight 3 might kill Windows Presentation Foundation - SD Times On The Web

Silverlight is in a fight against [Adobe] Flash for the mindshare of media/RIA developers, but I'm seeing WPF as collateral damage

I thought the whole point of WPF/XAML was desire for a declarative desktop language to ease transitioning apps from desktop to/from browser. So WPF begat WPF/E which begat Silverlight which begat Silverlight 3 which will kill WPF?

Milk, a movie about a message

I just got done watching Milk, the 2008 film featuring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. This is the role for which he won his second Academy Award, and deservingly so. His portrayal of the first gay member of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors definitely first-rate and ground-breaking. The movie is a self-narration of Milk's life leading up to his election as City Supervisor, his championing of the defeat of Proposition 6, and ultimately his and Mayor George Moscone's assassination. So with the climax a known quantity, the character development and message are crux of this movie. The message is one of "Fighting the Good Fight" and that the fight is more important than the outcome. The script is a fine example of how a docudrama should be handled. Ultimately, I found the movie a little unsatisfying and let down by Gus Van Sant's direction. It seemed heavy-handed and manipulative, desperately trying to add a sense of mystery and drama where it didn't fit. Yes, we know the ending but don't insult me be feeding me one red herring after another.
Don't let that little indiscretion keep you from seeing a very well acted movie that features a great message for tolerance. It's unfortunate that California just passed Proposition 8 in the same year as Milk's release. Sometimes, progress doesn't always move the way we think it should.

George's Bottom Line: McCain: 'Too Early' to Tell If Obama Has Put Nation at Risk of Terror Attack

George Stephanopoulos "twitterviews" Senator John McCain today. Stephanopoulos asked his followers for questions and then he and the senator had an hour-long exchange through

Takeaway points from this experiment [as Stephanopoulos calls it]:
140 characters are not a lot to express an opinion. It forces one to be a lot more concise and leaves a lot of room to be misinterpreted. Dodging a question becomes very blatant. Instant "analysis" from "pundits" lead to lots of side discussions.

Not a lot of content got generated by these two given the actual time consumed. Hopefully this format will get sorted as it matures. Given those limitations, though, I thought it was a very interesting exchange and another evolution for twitter.

Twitter sucks, so change your friends

So, if it’s full of trivial rubbish, it just means you’re following the wrong people, or are yourself failing to inspire anyone to write anything meaningful.

Great commentary on the state of social media in general and specifically. The gist of the argument is again, that twitter (or any social application) is what you make of it. The key understanding is that "...twitter is fundamentally about conversations." It is up to the user to find content (read followers in twitter) that engages him and conversely generate content that engages other users.

Date Night!

It was a little rainy but we had lots of fun. Our neighbors watch our kids. We went with a Mystery Date theme and had an envelope with suggested activities and talking points. It was a terrific way to kick off the night. We went to three different places; spinach dip and cocktails at the Brookwood Grill, campechana and tacos at Mr. Taco, and ice cream at Bruster's. Also, we had a little adventure at Target as we were to buy each other a $2 gift in 10 minutes. Overall, it was quite an evening.